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On our way to Haon
After Caesarea it was still a long drive to Haon, with even traffic jams. But finally we arrived at the place where we stayed 25 years ago!

 One of the cats of Caesarea  The most photographed one for sure  A vendor of very nice jewelry, made of Roman glass  Old shards - I'd love to have found one of those!  Further along there are the remnants of the Roman and Byzantine aqueducts  One day from home - time to check if all is well  A walk on the beach  A egrett - rare for us, very common here  Off it goes  The Sea of Galilee - Yam Kinneret - Lake Tiberias  There it is! Back again after 25 years  Sea level - and still going down for another 200 meters  Kibbuts Haon, where we lived for 2,5 months in 1982. A lot has been changed, but the diningroom is still there!  The houses we lived in are there as well. But they looked terrible and the nice gardens around them are changed into a muddy dump. Sad to see it this way.  Seen from the back it looks more familiar  The sunset over the lake is as wonderful as it used to be
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