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A trip to the North of Galilee. We drive into the Golan heights and have a look at Mount Hermon.

 The restaurant in the new part of Haon  The beach - not ready yet for the next summer  View towards the old part of the kibbuts, the Golan heights behind it  A colony of Little Egrets  View from the Golan to the lake  Amazed we discover snow at the horizon. Mount Hermon!  I never expected that Israel could be this green  Cyclamen! One of my favorite flowers, growing all over the place  We visit Gamla, a nature reserve and historical site  Once a fortified city  Me and my camera  A nice surprise: vultures  Griffon Vultures  40 pairs of them breed over here  Impressive  The Judas tree is blossoming  The gorge of the Gamla stream  The waterfall in the distance - too far off to walk to today  Lizzards all over the place!  Looks fake - but it's a real one
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