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The first day
After our first night in Shefayim we have a look in the kibbutz we are staying before we drive off to Caesarea. The weather is amazing!

 Before we leave our first hotel we have a walk through the kibbutz. How familiar it all looks!  The style of houses is like we remember it. And those flowering trees everywhere are a treat!  On our way North we stop at Caesearea, once one of the most important cities around the Mediterranean  A nice way to display the heads of the old columns  A gateway to the sea  The amphitheatre is still in use for concert performances  Stairs and seats  The place really has the size of a city  What's left of what there once used to be  Still good looking  The old hippodrome  The sea at last!  Old arch  Excavations are still in progress. This used to be a bath house  Some parts of the floor are amazingly well preserved  Other parts have suffered more  Old and new columns
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