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Sunday - on our first day we have a look at the places and materials we can work with.

 Our first trip to the beach  The sun is shining, the sea is wonderful, what more do we want?  Well, things to experiment with. There is plenty of seaweed, but no driftwood at all  Weed and stones is what there is to find  The seaweed is interesting though     Our teacher - Marc. He's nice. Really!  Obelix  First experiments  Flowers of the sea  Someone's backbone?  Marc at work  The result  Lines of stones - and lines in the stones  Interesting trail - will the snails follow it?  The real thing, made by snails themselves  A nice maze of trails  Contrast and balance  The trip of one stone  As a bridge, maybe?  Same stone, different bridge  As a pillar?   Patterns in the water, changing all the time  Minas Tirith?  Or snowy x-mas trees?  Playing around  Marinka and Ger  View from above  Time for dinner!  Ger takes care of the bread  And of the BBQ
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