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Wednesday - a hike along the coast and a sandsculpture on the beach.

 Martin advised us to check this part of the coast for driftwood  It was a great walk - but no wood to be found  Left overs of the harvest of kelp in the old days  Strange structures along the coast  A white egret passes by   Aren't the colors wonderful!  A pity you can't take the smell home as well   Typical Breton houses  View to the lighthouse  In the afternoon we get back to work. Our material today is mostly sand  A brook flowing into the sea is fun to work with  Mark with the wheelbarrow  Raking the brook ?!  Well, watering the beach is making just as much sense  Hans at work  Ok, raking the sand does make some sense  Ger finds a way to take a photo of it all  the result of his idea  another view of the final result    The brook continually moves in a nice and unpredictable way   In the evening the brook has moved close to our spiral and is breaking it down  Sunset on the beach
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