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Tréport in the North of Normandy is my first stop. Nice cliffs and beaches full of interesting stones.

 20-05-2009. After driving 400 km's I decide to stop at Tréport, in the North of Normandy.  After dinner I decide to walk down into town.  The next morning the sight is very different!  The church at the harbour.  The end of the harbour   Isn't the color of the sea amazing!  The walls to break the waves are so long that stairs have been added, so you don't need to walk around them.  The cliffs are made of limestone - the remnants of them are squattered everywhere  The stones are so soft that shells make holes in them  What could this have been?  It's a collector of fishingnets now  An old, huge gun shell (the diameter was about 12 cms), probably an remnant of WWII.  The flintstones have interesting shapes. This one reminded me of Venus de Milo.  No - not a shell, but a very nice fossil.  Seagulls everywhere     Could this be why they were so noisy?  The cliffs at the other side of the harbour.  Seen from the top the cliffs look even more impressive.  Tréport down under.
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