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The Bay of St Brieuc is my next stop

 A coast quite full of houses, but still very nice  The views are nice, flowers everywhere  The sweet pink of sea thrift can be seen everywhere  Nope, not a snake but a legless lizzard. First time I've seen one of those!  A walk along Pointe des Guettes. I meant just to walk over the rocks, but ended a mile into the sea  As the tide was falling, wonderful patterns of seaweed submerged  At the horizon other patterns emerge as well    The rows of poles turned out to be 'Bouchots' - poles on which mussels grow   More interesting structures  Now what is going there?  It's getting busy in the bay  Who's next?  Someone looking for food  Well, if they all enter the bay - who is going to stop me? I decide to check out these structures   Interesting structures, although I still have no idea what it is/was     Once in the bay I decide to walk on to those poles  These are too small yet to be harvested  But don't they make great pics?   I try to get closer to the people who are working there  The only one that is close enough to get to  Alas, no-one is there to show me how it actually works  An amphibian vehicle drives by  I have no idea what the use of these lines is  The field is very large - there is no way I can walk all of it before the tide will come in again  Time to go back, the beach is a long way off  A lost jellyfish  I have no idea what this was - anyone?  Probably eggs - but of which animal?  back on the rocks I enjoy the view once more  The other side of the bay is just as nice  View from the camping
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