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Time to go on to Plozevet, where I will spend the rest of the vacation

 On my way South I decide to take a walk in a forest for a change  A short trip along a brook. Bretagne is more than just sea and shores!  The church of Plozevet  Door deep inside the walls  Inside the church is also nice  But this is nicer, our house!  View over our playground for the next days  First visit to the beach  Impressive rocks - we will see them more for sure  Impressive waves too   Sea anemone  A crab - or what's left of it  Beach findings - the first harvest  With this light even garbage looks great  Sunset over the rocks  A dolmen nearby our house  It was destroyed during the war, but rebuild after  Great flowers, these were everywhere  Orchid  Cormorants on the rocks  Seagulls too
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