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Le Mont St Michel - I have been looking forward to see this mountain again. It's too touristy for an actual visit, but the view from the campsite is just perfect

 When I arrive the bay is empty due to low tide, but within half an hour the water runs in as if it's a fast flowing river  Two hours later it's a wild sea  Some surfers enjoy the wild waves  Early next morning all is quiet  The wide bay  The sea is rushing in again  Nice looking patterns  Clay banks make interesting formations  The top layer however is less nice though - oil   A lovely holiday home. But at high tide you won't be able to go anywhere  Still, someone brought his bike  Getting closer, the view from Avranches  Even closer - sheep grazing in the polders without paying attention to their view  Once this was part of the bay, nowadays it hardly ever gets flooded  Ok, the last view. In a few years those ugly parking places below the mountain will be gone
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