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Tuesday - today it's stones and rocks.

 Tuesday - a stony beach gives us new opportunities  It was quite tricky to get them this way  Perfectly shaped boulders match the wonderful rock formations  The sun adds shadows to the shapes   Playing among the rocks  The tide is coming in fast!  Marinka created some 'nests'  interesting cracks  Split stones  After the rain (a few days later) it looks even nicer   Covering the rock  A nice trick!     Nice way of co-operation (but the bridge fell down anyway)  Landscape full of stones  Now what's that pink one in the middle?  The stones get more of a personality  End of the day  Wonderful shapes and lines  But does nature really need a hand at all?  The shells create their own patterns  Wonderful shaped rocks  Ger in the middle of a weed covered rock  Marinka enjoying a bath   Stonehenge revisited  The sea is getting close  An island is resisting the waves - for a while
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