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Bayeux and Port en Bessin

 Because the weather is a bit off I decide to go into town. Bayeux is nearby  I have not seen the tapestry, but the old town is nice anyway  Watermills everywhere   Now that looks like a nice place to have dinner!  The next day I move on and make a lunch stop at Port-en-Bessin  A nice harbour town  And a nice port of course  Next to the port I make a great discovery  The largest shell on this coast is the Scallop - the shell of St James. I've found single ones before, but never seen this many of them in my life!  They make nice patterns in between the rocks  Don't they look great!   The sea sorts them out  As the tide drops, another nice surprise comes up  An old boat - barely recognisable   Even this is covered with shells   The sea sorts the shells by type  The flat halfs are on a different part of the beach  A nice composition of nets
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