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Barfleur. A small harbour village at the most North-West point of Normandy.
Just what I was looking for.

 A couple of houses and a lot of boats, that's all there is  At low tide there is no way to sail away  The harbour has been overtaken by birds  At sunset the tide is high again  Evening in Barfleur  Typical Normandic coast  The road from the campsite  Barfleur at the other side of the bay  View from the campsite. At low tide the bay is empty. I decide to take a series of photos of the different water levels.  The water is coming in slowly  Most boats are floating by now  Doesn't it look different now?  Interesting islands nearby  The tide is going down again  Same islands - but not islands anymore  Shells everywhere   Great colors too!   Funny looking seaweed  I love this fluffy grass - I remember it from my childhood  The lighthouse at the horizon  I decide to visit it  Height: 72 meters above sealevel, 365 steps up  It was worth the climb!  The lights with their enormous prisms  View to the East  View South  At night it looks impressive too  A bicycle trip along Le Moulin, a nice river  Le Vast  Curious cows  Queing up
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